Atlanta Stylish Point is a family based business  that is passionate to enrich life's celebrations through  personalized style of all our party  decor.  Our  dream is not only to put a big smile on your face, but also blow away your guests by making you an exceptional  host. 

Meet our family

Hi, I am Marjorie DiFiore!


A mom of two high energy and beautiful girls. A wife of a handsome and intelligent man. A Venezuelan girl that moved to Atlanta in 2004 where I fell in love not only with the city where I knew I could fulfill my childhood dreams, but also with an art school where I had the privilege to get a BFA in Interior Design, SCAD-Atlanta. I am a certified Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Silhouette instructor. and I have the honor of being part of the staff of All Things Silhouette. With Latin flavor in my veins and an education in the best principals of design, Silhouette Studio and adding family and motherhood, I was inspired to found Atlanta Stylish Point. Not only do I have opportunities to share my talents to create wonderful spaces, but I also have the pleasure of teaching and creating decor for my clients and friends. 

Aura Vezzani


A woman full of positive energy and fun ideas. As a descendant of a long line of artistic immigrants and hard working women, I got an education in publicity and marketing in my home country of Venezuela, allowing me to explore and implement my creative skills on every days tasks where ever I go. Immigrating to Atlanta opened a new portal of opportunities for me being a cake decorator. Being able to design beautiful cakes utilizing my crafting talents enables me to be Marjorie's right hand of design decisions for the Atlanta Stylish Point. 

Reina Fierro


Proud owner of The Flower Garden in Atlanta with more than 10 years of experience in floral design, The best part of my job is to be able to create every day, beautiful arrangements with the finest natural media on earth. Flowers always bring to life great sentiment and emotion. The Flower Garden not only offers a wide range of styles and designs, it also offers the best personalized and professional service. We understand and always make sure to give each piece and each client the ultimate care and attention. I am a mother, a wife, a member of a family which enriches my knowledge of being not only a florist, but an artist.

Party decor
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